The Story Behind Our Story

YBTJ is a ground breaking talent competition that is driven by what the audience wants with results based on who the audience thinks is the best act. Created by show runners William Hadden & Dwayne Jeffries, this Nashville born talent competition is unlike any other.  When they connected with host Brandi Maclaren, magic happened and we aren't just talking about the magician acts.  YBTJ developed a platform that allows contestants to compete for notoriety without waiting in long lines, being prescreened for talent, or being judged while they are performing.  With a simple entry form and audition video, YBTJ allows talent to be discovered from the comfort of their living rooms.

We make the entry process simple and we make the voting even easier.  We give the power to the audience and let them decide which act should be crowned champion.  The show is broken up into 3 easy rounds.  The first round is where contestants register and upload their videos for the audience to vote for who they like best.  In the second round, the top 12 vote recipients will perform live in front of a live stream audience who will vote.  In the 3rd round, the top 6 will have both their audition and live performance video online for 1 week of voting.  The contest will end with a live performance from the top 3 vote recipients that is live streamed and we crown our new champion.

The champion wins a cash prize and headlines the next season's live performance round.  YBTJ is not just about the money tho, it's about discovering talent and giving them an opportunity showcase their talent for the world in an easy format.  Our goal is to make talent discovery easy for artists and the audience that wants to see them.  We give the power back to people and not to the judges.  Who will be the next YBTJ champion?  YOU BE THE JUDGE!


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