Questions ? Look Here.

It’s easy! Just visit our voting page, click on the video you want to play and under the video is a bar to click to cast your vote. It’s that simple.

Only 1 vote per contestant per person (IP address) per round. But you can share as much as you would like. You can for as many contestants as there are in each round.

Simple 3 step process to enter:

Step 1 – Record your talent in a 90 second video (Live performance video only, no music videos or studio recordings) - Minimum of 60 second, maximum of 2 minutes

Step 2 – Upload your video for your audition to Youtube/Vimeo/Drop Box or upload to our Dropbox from your phone or computer

Step 3 – Register Your Act (Located on the website) & provide link to your video or let us know you uploaded to our Dropbox.

$1000 cash prize for winning the show

Headline Act at the following YBTJ live even

The ultimate prize - exposure and recognition for your talent!

Round 1 - General Submission - Audience votes for top 12

Round 2 - Live Show Round - Top 12 perform live and audience votes for the top 6 to move on.

Round 3 - FInal Voting Round - Top 6 will have both thier audition and live video up for voting.  Audience will choose the winner.

Top 3 in voting invited for a live reveal round and 1 last 10 minute performance before the winner is announced.